The duo Jansky defines their own style as electroverse: live electronic music composed from organic and digital sounds, dancing to Jaume Reus’ hypercontemporary flute and Laia Malo’s unique voice. A rave of rhythm and verse, with a great deal of jazzy improv and a radically sensual touch, which has surprised alternative audiences around the world.

Jansky’s debut album was scouted by Sónar Festival (Barcelona, 2013), and from there they took to the line-up of national and international music festivals. They also regularly perform in clubs and alternative venues across Europe, in museums and art galleries and at poetry festivals.


Jansky - Melifera

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Jansky - Ducisonans

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Jansky - Cardar i Cantar

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Jansky - Barbara

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The fourth studio album by Jansky takes another step forward, regarding the use of biophony and natural sounds in our albums: here they become the essential materials for the composition of rhythm and melody, the score on which we base the lyrics and vocals, and the album’s concept.

We recorded insect sounds on field in Mallorca, and then sampled and manipulated them at Rampa Studios to obtain a library of sounds, textures, beats and pads, which we incorporated into our electronic music instruments. We then composed a series of songs dedicated to seven individual species, trying to capture their main features and creating an album which is both evocative of the natural soundscapes of the Balearic Islands, as well as thriving with imaginative trance and mantras.

2018 SUNS Festival (Italy). Award to “Best European band in a minoritized language”

2019 ENDERROCK (Balearic Islands). 2019 ENDERROCK Critics' Choice “Special Jury Award” (Spain).

2020 SOUND OF THE YEAR (United Kindom). 2020 BBC3 SOUND OF THE YEAR Award to “Best Studio Sound Recordist”, and a nomination to “Best Artificial Sound” (UK).

Graphic Design: Arauna Studio @arauna / Fotography: Komposit Studio @komposit / Wearable sculptures: Aloma Lafontana @alomalafontana / Hairstyle: Izabella Grzeniak @hairbyizka / Merchandising: Rock & Merch @rockandmerch