Rampa Lab

Who and what

Rampa Lab is an art laboratory where we work with sound, words and field recordings from the non-human environment, to create and compose new music. We also share our creative processess to generate collective knowledge.

Recent news

Our experiments are as much about the result as they are about the creative process. We feel it is often during the creative process that we learn the most, so we love to share it as a participative experience. Therefore, since 2017, Rampa Lab has been offering a series of workshops addressed to a variety of audiences and with focus on several topics.

Our work with international students of Catalan as a foreign language at universities around the world started in 2017. Since then, we have been engaging language learners through a workshop which encourages them to record their own voices in a foreign language and practise speaking skills through the use of sample instruments and electronic music.

In recent years, we have partnered with Lisbon University, Jagelonian Universitet (Warsaw), Uppsala Universitiet (Sweden), QMUL (London) and Humboldt University (Berlin), to name a few.

A mixed workshop where we share some of the basic concepts of ecoacoustics, while focusing on certain local animal species and the way they communicate. By using electronic music software and gear, participants understand how insects, birds and other non-human animals produce sound, and their strategies to share the soundscape they inhabit. Recently, we have teamed up with the following institutions to develop the workshop: Lisboa Soa (Portugal), Université Rennes-2 (France), ARI (Andorra) and Cosmocaixa Science Museum (Barcelona).

Since the 22/23 school year, Jaume Reus has offered an environmental education and soundscape workshop to primary education centers. In Mallorca, it works in collaboration with the Tramuntana XXI association, and the Conselleria de Medi Ambient i Territori del GOIB.

Getting our projects out is very important, so in 2022 we founded or own label, associated to all the activity at Rampa Lab and Rampa Studios. Rampa Lab publishes digitally via Bandcamp, an online platform we feel is fairer with artists and more human with listeners.

Rampa Lab publications include music by Jansky, the Desori Subversiu collection (a series of electroverse albums, featuring young poets in Catalan language), natural soundscape field recordings included in sound maps and guides, as well as links to audiobooks and complementary audios for traditional books.

Rampa Lab also publishes small physical issues of our projects, uniquely curated with help from Arauna Studio –our graphic design partners, and merch items.

About us

Welcome to Rampa Lab. This is Jaume Reus –a musician trained in flute, electronic music producer and environmentalist, specializing in ecoacoustics– and Laia Malo –a poet and literary translator, performer and musician trained in song and piano.

Rampa Lab is also home of the duo Jansky and home of electroverse: a type of electronic music from organic and digital beats, poetry and a flute, to imagine other futures.

Our in-house studio is located in Palma. Rampa Studios was designed in 2017, in collaboration with mastering engineer Hay Zeelen, and it consists of a recording booth and a producer’s booth. Here we record, produce and master our own music, as well as soundtracks for film and theatre, sound spaces for exhibitions, sound art projects and audiobooks, among others.